Painless,Safe For Sensitive Teeth
『Transcend Whitening』
Teeth Whitening Agent Unused

Rayel white

Brilliant,Clean and
Beautiful Teeth
by High-Power Irradiation.

Transcend Whitening(high concentration whitening agent unused)
will not bring you any teeth sensitivity ,pains or damages like other traditional treatments do.

Effective Whitening.

We are using CoolBrightExLimit to perform the Transcend Whitening treatment.CoolBrightExLimit is a whitening medical equipment made with great effort in America. CoolBrightExLimit is approved to be used in Japan by MHLW but you can only find it available in a limited number of clinics in Japan.

  • Sparkling white
  • Painless・
    Safe for
    sensitive teeth
  • Short-Term・Fast
  • Safe・Satisfaciton

By applying the most advanced High power irradiation system and military cooling system,we will bring you brightening and beautiful teeth quickly without side effects like teeth sensitivity ,pains or damages.

What`s more,we use EX Cleaner before and after the treatment to make your brilliant teeth keep longer and prevent it from reversing.

Flow of whitening

  1. counseling

  2. Treatment preparation

  3. light irradiation

  4. confirmation

    Please check the before and after photos.

Whitening Attending Doctor

Sawako Ro呂 佐和子

Sawako Ro呂 佐和子


2009 ・Graduated from Tokyo Dental College
・Participated in Tokyo Dental College Department of Periodontology Seminar
・Worked at Ro Dental Office and trained in Pediatric Dentistry
2014 ・Studied abroad in America
・Studied Ultimate Whitening

【Available Language】

・Japanese ・English


  • price:¥55,000(tax included)

    This is a basic whitening plan for the first irradiation.


The stains (caused by the increasing porphyrin in the blood)inside and outside of your teeth will be cleaned through irradiation .This treatment is available from children who completed permanent dentition to the elderly.Almost everyone could take the treatment without any health concerns.

Besides the esthetic effect,it plays an extraordinary role in prevention of caries and periodontal disease.

Transcend Whitening Treatment is also available for Sensitive teeth, Tetracycline Teeth,whose symptoms are not able to receive the traditional teeth whitening treatment.

Teeth whitening cases
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